Barns, Berries, and the Boards.

As summer introduced itself, discount viagra cialis Nicklaus prepared for an unwanted hibernation. Part two of dental boards for him meant three whole weekends inside our studio – and three whole weekends I needed to occupy myself.  Nicklaus utilized our 400 square feet as his study space. All 400 square feet. The desk. The dining room table. The floor. The bed. Notecards here, malady notecards there. As dental boards took over our home, search I decided to explore the outdoors. For two of those three weekends I headed east on Long Island’s ‘North Fork’ with my dear friends Grace, Jackie and Jackie’s pup, Poppy. We found ourselves wandering through fields, shopping at farm stands, and having the best time capturing Instagram photos. Our first stop was a rustic wooden windmill located on our favorite stretch – Sound Avenue. The story of this windmill is still unknown, but for that day it served as the backdrop for a little game of fetch with Poppy.

Sound Avenue should really be called ‘Barn Avenue’. The couple-mile journey nests an endless number of these wooden wonders. Nicklaus and I always brainstorm hosting our next gathering at one of these vacant structures. All that’s required for the perfect evening is a farm table, some bistro lights, and a beverage. Join us, please.

What I love most about our friends is that they share in our appreciation for these old creations, American heritage, and a photo op (yes, that’s us jumping in front of the barn). Jackie spotted this in Jamesport as we drove along in her Jeep…putting its brakes to the test with each spotting. This stop was a must.

And so was the stop at the strawberry field. Summer on Long Island is delicious.

Mattituck is home to an infamous old-fashioned ice cream stand, Magic Fountain. I was sold on Magic Fountain when I asked for “jimmies” and they knew what I was talking about. You know someone is from Philadelphia when they do two things: ask for a hoagie instead of a hero and ask for jimmies instead of sprinkles. Consider this Philadelphian a fan, Magic Fountain. As for Nicklaus, he still requests sprinkles. I’m working on that.

The best part following any exciting weekend is sharing it. Nicklaus was eager for a study break and I was eager to share my weekend with him. This was the excuse we needed for a date on the dock.




a #whalegoodsummer with #mastenheath.

Where there’s a whale, buy viagra purchase there’s a way. A few months ago we were invited for a sip with our friends at Vineyard Vines to celebrate their new Southampton storefront. After a few Cape Codders, generic cialis unhealthy our summer gift came up for air: whale koozies. I recently learned from Nicklaus, purchase who sends a snail mail surprise to friends each season, the concept of seasonal gift giving. His one main ingredient in every package is a handwritten something. Let it be known, he had a few more “ingredients” for this particular package: the whale’s fins needed to be uniformly positioned in properly scaled envelopes, each stamp was to be placed exactly parallel to the vertical and horizontal edges of these envelopes, and a little last-minute penmanship tutorial was suggested to refine my signature. Good news – I survived and so did the whales.

When you live in less than 500 square feet (a space we will soon share with you), the backyard becomes coveted real estate. Aged wooden steps lead to a tree-covered terrace shading Nicklaus’ homemade table– a table that has seen as many dinner parties as it has craft projects. For us, it was the ideal setting to welcome summer and prepare the gifts.

This season we added social media as a special ingredient. Instagram is close to #mastenheath. After all, it’s how I met Nicklaus (stick around for that story). With Instagram comes the power of the #hashtag – a way to follow all things related to any given search term. We decided to utilize this feature as a means to track our friends and their whales throughout the summer by creating #whalegoodsummer. We requested that each of our friends photograph their new whale koozies in their natural habitat – be it city, be it shore. It was a simple way to share our summer experiences amongst our network of friends. Below are just a few of the grams they produced that made us grin.

In the end, it’s not the cost of the gift, but the care behind it that makes it so special. If our recipients have half of the smiles (and bourbon) we had while packaging these koozies, the season will be considered a success. Wishing you a #whalegoodsummer.




Fourth on the Fork with #mastenheath and Friends

Weekends with friends are close to our hearts. This Fourth of July, viagra canada ampoule Nicklaus and I hosted four of our dearest friends from the City here on the North Fork – a weekend of sipping, store stories, ed and late night renditions of the Star Spangled Banner. It fused the sweetest Broadway star Ashley Brown as lead soprano with tone-deaf baritone ‘star’ (yours truly). America, you would have been so proud.

When designing the space for our guests, Nicklaus was set on creating a rustic American flag – color palette: neutral. White pin board meets brown craft paper and homemade meets American made. I was blessed with the task of cutting out 50 tiny stars while Nicklaus managed quality control, ensuring each star resembled a star. Trust me, there were some doozies. In the end, she hung in all her glory.

One friend in particular made our weekend un(fur)gettable. Meet the most charming French Bulldog, Eddie Elizabeth Brown.

The North Fork is home to the most di(vine) wineries. These boutique tasting rooms are surrounded by some our favorite materials – barnwood, aged cedar shingles, and white linen. One of our favorite sips is crafted at Lenz by winemaker Eric Fry. We’re no tannin experts, but their 2012 Blanc de Noir hits. the. spot. Take note, Lenz nurtures some of the oldest merlot grapes planted in the country.

Fun fact: the family and kind owners of Lenz are among our first friends here on the North Fork.


“Friends that sip together stay together.” Meet our friends (starting from our left): Daniel and Ashley Brown Wisler, Eddie Elizabeth Brown, and Lauren Isenhour. Lauren’s husband, Tee (not pictured), was conversing with the tasting room manager regarding the latest varietals. Side note, don’t you love my orange pants?

The six of us made the best out of Friday’s storm. Who knew Hurricane Arthur would be our seventh guest? With one pack of cards, six dice, and a few bottles of our new favorite sparkling (thanks to Mr. Wisler), I mastered the game of Farkle. Yes, Farkle. A comical word amongst six goofy friends can only lead to one thing – puns for the rest of the weekend. Farkle this. Farkle that.

Homemade ice cream, a food truck, and a special dinner on the lawn of Jedadiah Hawkins are just a few more memories we can’t wait to share with you.

Our oh so savvy friend, Lauren, is the go-to chef for all things food related. Lauren’s ability to craft the perfect recipe is pure evidence that she belongs in the kitchen. Her cake was peach perfect. Trust me, when no one was looking, I was licking my plate.

From the chef herself:

“To me, peaches mean the start of summer and what better way to highlight them than in a peach cake to celebrate a fourth of July with friends.  The hints of nutmeg and almond balanced with buttermilk keep this cake moist and add a depth of flavor that showcases the peaches to perfection.  We served ours with a sparkling rose’ and toasted to America and to the start of our ‘fourth on the fork’ weekend.”

Once again, Nicklaus takes the cake, by wrapping our utensils in pewter and serving our coffee in simple white mugs. You will soon see that clean, classic, and simple is our go-to style. I laugh when I pair the term ‘simple’ with Nicklaus. Simply put, though, he has a great esthetic.

You know your weekend was amazing when you find yourself falling asleep Sunday evening at 5 pm. For us, it was in the vines.



meet #mastenheath: the boys of summer.

“Walking the sands of Southampton Beach refreshes the soul. We shore’ly loved the day.”

Sperry’s in hand. Sleeves rolled up. Now let us introduce ourselves.

My name is Joshua – tax accountant for J. Crew. The gentleman to my left is my partner, best viagra health Nicklaus – design student turned dental student. I’m from Philadelphia, cialis sales he’s Southern-raised. We sip, we entertain, we explore…and we love doing so in a sensible oxford. It’s summer here on the North Fork and we’re looking forward to sharing our story with you. A story inspired by moments with friends, conversations with strangers, and life lessons from our grandmothers. I do most of the cooking (and cleaning, and laundry, and errands) while he crafts the tablescape, menu, and invitation (all while micromanaging my cooking). Together we host one lovely dinner party. Please, join us soon around the table. For now, the beach is calling our names.



Rebuilding After Sandy: Moving on Up

Once in a while my kids play the word association game. You say a word and the other person has to tell you what images it conjures up in three words.  A word recently thrown out there was ‘moving’.  Take a moment and think of the three words that come to your mind; my 9 year old’s answers were: dancing, viagra sales for sale jumping and swimming.  Not long ago my own answers would have been: disaster, pilule packing, drugstore and unpacking.

The last 18 months have changed my point of view.

The night of hurricane Sandy, we had just lost power and I was busy texting my close friends to see who still had theirs and who did not. I still had the ability to cook as we have natural gas, and was busy whipping up some steak with mac and cheese for dinner.  The table was set and my oldest son went to the bathroom to wash his hands before dinner, while the rest of us got ready to sit down and eat in the kitchen.  Suddenly, there was the loudest possible boom and the entire house shook.  Things fell all around us, and I had absolutely no idea what happened – but knew it wasn’t good.

In what seemed like slow motion, my husband ran to the bathroom and moments later my son walked in with plaster dust and debris all over him.  He was wiping his eyes to clear the dust as I was blinking mine to comprehend what had just taken place: a gigantic oak tree had fallen on our home and the rafters of my twins bedroom, the bathroom where my son had been and my daughter’s bedroom had all collapsed.  Walls buckled, glass shattered, and there was debris and tree limbs everywhere.

In the moments that followed, the word ‘moving’ changed meaning for me – I felt frozen and yet operating at a rapid speed.  I needed to move my family, our dog, and our life within a chaotic space in about 5 minutes.  We feared the house was unstable, so I raced my kids to the basement for safety, giving them plates of their dinner, figuring they may as well eat.  In suspended animation, I called my insurance company.  Next, there was a knock at the door and there stood my friend and her family; they had driven to us amidst trees falling power lines to get us out, and in that very moment the realization hit me – I had to move, and I had to move NOW!

We grabbed the kids, the dog and my safe box with every important paper we own, and left our home of almost 10 years.

Fast forward 18 months and many hours of paperwork, faxing, meetings, permits, selections, etc and we were finally moving back.
We had managed to salvage a fair amount of belongings and felt really lucky, as many people lost everything to Sandy.  We were fortunate to keep the things that mattered most, and now we were packing them up to move them back in yet again.

When moving day arrived, I was beside myself with excitement.  All those months of planning and selecting were finally going to appear. Michelle and the staff of Samantha Drew Interiors arrived early, and the most magical process began.  In a couple of hours, my house became a home again – one that I still cannot believe we live in.  Everything Michelle selected looks exactly as I wanted it to.  For years I have poured over home style magazines wondering what it’s like to live in the houses featured in those glossy pages.  Now I know it’s fantastic, and better than I could ever have imagined!

We chose white furniture, neutral chairs, and light rugs, because anything can be cleaned and replaced.  I decided I would not make choices for the sake of practicality ever again, knowing now that it can all be gone in a second.  The twins are constantly dirty and at 9 groan loudly at the mention of a shower, but I’ve learned that one moment you can be cooking mac and cheese and the next you can be looking at a roof rafter and realize, if your son had been 3 feet to the right he may not be with you.

Our house had to be taken down to the foundation and rebuilt. It was a process that many of you have followed on this blog. Michelle and the girls of Samantha Drew Interiors were part of every nuance of our house, from the windows to the plumbing, the front door, the sinks, the vanities, the taps, all the furniture and beyond. What you don’t know, is that Samantha Drew Interiors was part of the process from the very start – and I mean the very start.  The first friend to knock on my door, until move in day, they have been with us at every step.  Moving us out and moving us back in – we are forever grateful.

What happens next?  For that you will have to stay tuned.

xo, Michele

Samantha Drew Interiors Gives Back

There is no greater joy then the feeling of giving back – so much of our success belongs to the community around us.  A perfect example of such altruism is LEE Industries, sildenafil diagnosis whom we’ve been a local dealer of for many years.

Not only do they emphasis small business growth through their LeeLovesLocal campaign, pharmacy but most recently launched Giving Back – which allows us the opportunity to take a portion of our LEE sales and donate it to a charity of our choice.

For the month of July, Samantha Drew Interiors will donate 10% of those sales to Make-A-Wish, Suffolk County, NY.  We have worked with this foundation before, and the experience and outcome of what they do is simply wonderful.

As always, we thank you for your continued support, and we are excited to share both beautiful LEE furniture and more information regarding Make-A-Wish throughout the month.