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Rebuilding After Sandy: Moving on Up

Once in a while my kids play the word association game. You say a word and the other person has to tell you what images it conjures up in three words.  A word recently thrown out there was ‘moving’.  Take a moment and think of the three words that come to your mind; my 9 […]

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Rebuilding After Sandy | I’m Floored!

Perfume, buy viagra viagra jewelry and make-up are personal choices that generally speak to the wearer.  The same can be said for your floor choices. Are you a rich, ask bold mahogany?  A warm yellow toned oak?  A cool ash?  Or perhaps you prefer au naturel… However, unlike make-up and perfume, which can be changed […]

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Rebuilding After Sandy | Mile 21

Marathon runners often talk about hitting “the wall”.  It generally happens sometime around mile 20. Glycogen levels (stored energy) drop, viagra sale cialis sale causing weakness and fatigue. In extreme cases, discount viagra remedy the runner can suffer exhaustion and voices that say “I can’t do this”. Last week, I reached mile 21 in the […]

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