(baby) shower time with #mastenheath.

Good to see you, discount viagra here old friend. While Joshua is lunching with CEOs, sovaldi sale lounging in linen, and lamenting his loss of time with me due to his w o n d e r f u l new job at J.Crew headquarters, I’m taking reign of the blog – and couldn’t be more excited. Prepare yourselves. This past weekend, we attended our first baby shower to celebrate our friends’, Emily and Josh Ryan, first child. Seriously. It was the best time. It also meant gift buying time…a #mastenheath pastime. I’ve looked forward to sharing these moments all week. Meet eloise + oliver.

When the hunt for the baby shower began – a foreign, but welcomed concept to us – we knew exactly where to go. The palette in eloise + oliver is perfection. Aged wood and natural jute meet the finest blends of blues, pinks, and whites in this perfectly curated children’s and baby boutique. Walking in, the mission was a gift for Baby Ryan. Walking out, the mission was adopting five kids of our own. Are you reading this, Joshua?

I know nothing about raising a child…yet. I do know that I wanted to bring one of everything to Baby Ryan (and two of everything home for myself). I need this seersucker blazer. In a much larger size.

And Baby Ryan needed these bow ties. The anchors for Tuesdays and the stripes for his summer Saturdays.

In the end, this knitted whale swam its way to Manhattan with us for the shower hosted by one of my oldest friends, Ashley Brown Wisler, and one of our newest friends, Kira Visser.

When I tell you eloise + oliver is dreamy, I mean it. And I brought proof. Just look at these finds. In our posts, we try to link every name and picture to further details – be it a product, a space, a friend. Click away.






New York City has a way of connecting wonderful people – friends of friends – that, when you meet, become lifelong friends. The studio space Ashley and Kira chose for this shower was full of these people. Forever friends. Let’s just say Emily’s mother, Sue, is one of my best friends. I met her that day.

Studio 909, in the West Chelsea Arts building, was the shower setting. Ashley told us to look for the balloons. We found them. And inside we found a photographic space that Ashley and Kira had transformed to create the most special setting for proud parents, Emily and Josh, and the guest of honor, Baby Ryan. His name isn’t Ryan. We get to meet him in October and maybe they will tell us his name at that point.


So many smiles last Sunday. The hostesses outdid themselves with details. Personalized potted plants for each guest, a Dr. Suess ‘oh the places you will go Baby Ryan’ theme, and enough champagne to bring out the finest in everyone were just a few of the highlights.


Natural light filled the studio. If you could see just outside the window to the right, you’d see the Hudson River. Picture that. And the scent of fried chicken, made to order waffles (Kira’s creation), and buttermilk biscuits only added to the occasion. Each guest made a onesie for Baby Ryan. It’s not quite eloise + oliver, but these two are masten + heath. Couture, if you will.


The reason for the occasion: baby mama, Emily. She’s the savviest, the sweetest. I met her many years ago – Ash and Em studied musical theatre together in Cincinnati. Joshua and Emily lunch together. We all laugh together. And on Sunday, we loved together. There’s just something about the anticipation of a new life that tugs the heart strings. Remember my best friend Sue? Emily’s mom. She made us cry.

Emily’s favorite item as a child was Bobo the Clown. Bobo the Clown disappeared during a family road trip when Emily was four years old. A scarring moment for Em. Bobo isn’t a normal clown…he’s vintage and practically irreplaceable.  At the shower, Sue told the story of her hunt for a new Bobo to give four-year-old Em. Apparently, before the internet, things were a bit harder. She finally found another Bobo for Emily and all was well. During the gift opening moments of Sunday’s baby shower, Sue gave Emily a bag. Inside the bag was an item that Sue had secretly kept for nearly thirty years. During Sue’s hunt for a replacement childhood Bobo, she found a second one. This one was to be given to Emily at her first born’s baby shower. We were there! We witnessed this moment. I hate clowns, but I LOVE BOBO! And Sue.

The perfect ending to this special day was when proud papa, Josh, released the balloons that marked the shower spot. A street-side snapshot captures the moment when New York City saw its first sign of Baby Ryan. Thank you, Ashley and Kira, for hosting the day. Thank you, Josh and Emily, for being part of our lives. Thank you, Baby Ryan, for coming into our lives (soon).

I hope you loved this day as much as I did and I hope you meet eloise + oliver for yourselves. Find something good in your day and note it. Then share it with others. I really enjoyed sharing this one. Sue, call me.